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The Magic of Books And The Power Of Words

By Stephan J Myers FCIPD, MSc., Oct 8 2017 06:00PM

It’s funny how we find ourselves on a particular train of thought. And today as I was rummaging through old notebooks I found myself reflecting on my love of books. No one encouraged me to read, in fact quite the opposite, but throughout my life, I have always thought of books as one of my closest companions. Silent yet reliable, and the one constant that defies life’s ups and downs no matter the kind of mood I find myself in. A source of calm and comfort when troubles taunt a restless mind, but how many of us take time to reflect on the great influence authors come to exert on us? I suspect that for you, like me, they fall into the minority but whether for good or bad, they seem to find us when our minds are most eager for escapism and respite from the doldrums of everyday living. And through the pages of their books they give us endless ways in which to grow and reflect on what we read.

I wish I could go back and count how many books I've been privileged to lose myself in but in reality, the only books that count are those that leave a lasting impression on us, shaping our perceptions and understanding and even our beliefs. I wonder then how many writers are really aware of the influence their words can bring to bear on their readers and it seems more than a little sad that those who have most influenced me I will never get to thank.

To me, each word I write reveals a little more of myself, but I wonder if this is the same for all authors. For whilst one may dig deep into themselves and place their innermost emotions on their pages, another might write as casually as pulling a rabbit out of a hat!

Looking back on my own childhood, I consider myself most fortunate for the opportunity to read as I desired, both in variety and content. To me, those were days of discovery and high adventure. For though sitting safely in my own home, in my mind I was the central character, living and exploring through the pages of my books, as a pirate, spaceman, gunslinger and dragonslayer, shaping my imagination, and so my life. Reflecting on how my love affair with books has influenced my life and brought magic to my world, I wonder now if books are in fact the most marvellous and dangerous of enchantments.

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