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The Frustrations Of Writing by A Children's Author

By Stephan J Myers FCIPD, MSc., Dec 6 2017 04:20PM

"with each stroke I come to know myself more completely yet die a little more" - Stephan

This morning I wrote a sentence, this evening I deleted it. It wasn’t my best of days. Yet through the process of writing I find myself growing, changing, ranging through a mysterious labyrinth of possibilities and it is the most sobering of thoughts, that through this most peculiar process, I give to each of my readers the chance to peer into the inner most workings of my mind. Such thoughts leading me to consider whether the process of writing is not infinitely more important than the completed book, for is it not through fiction and the unbridled imagination that we remake the boundaries of reality?

I cannot speak for other writers but it seems to me that the desire to challenge and ultimately renew the perception of a reader should be a prerequisite if a writer hopes to excel beyond the mundane. To take the most accustomed of scenes and with a stroke of the proverbial pen impart new meaning to it. For to own the truth, there are a finite number of tales to be told and it is originality in the telling that sets each apart.

Every writer has a myriad of characters dwelling inside, each jostling for expression through words and composition and if a writer means to be taken seriously there should at least be the intent to write well, to embrace a uniqueness of style. Could the words of Dickens, Flaubert, Hugo or Hemingway ever be mistaken for those of another? Yet herein I find something of a dichotomy, for if the most original thing a writer can do is write as an individual it must in time become the most difficult of undertakings as freshness of thought becomes stagnated.

Writing is the most solitary of occupations upon which interruptions are often frowned yet beyond the brevity of family and friends there is a certain savagery that dictates reflection becomes the harshest of critics. Perhaps that is why in those brief flickers of frustration words evade us, yet it is my wont to write a little every day. Yesterday I wrote a sentence, today I write more. In time a book which I will put behind me, but with each stroke I come to know myself more completely yet die a little more.

As always, these are but the thoughts of a restless mind and your views are always welcome.

Power to your pen, Stephan.

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The funny thing about writing and illustrating children's books is that people rarely take you seriously but I've come to find that I do my best thinking with a pen in my hand. Writing or doodling I'm often drawn to a train of thought which I just have to get down on paper. Most of the posts here are inspired by discussions with parents, teachers and young readers and I hope you find them interesting. More importantly, I always value the comments you care to leave.

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