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A Child's Letter That Will Make You Cry

By Stephan J Myers FCIPD, MSc., Dec 6 2017 03:41PM

With the release of The Colour Red Plotters Edition, I thought I would deviate from my usual monologue and share this wonderful story with you.

I had just finished writing and I was busy illustrating the images when I thought it would be great to get a child’s perspective. A quick round robin, I had handed some twenty ‘books in progress’ out to friends and acquaintances with children and was eagerly awaiting feedback when I quite literally got a knock on the door.

Now, there might have been much in the way of feedback I was expecting but the last thing I thought to receive was a letter! A tad shabby with some curious jam stains from sticky fingers, addressed to Mummy and Daddy at work, then thoughtfully crossed through to be replaced by the words ‘at home.’

The friend in question was thankfully sporting a rather wide smirk, but it did little to dispel the knot in my stomach as I opened the letter. Inside just eight words which made the months of hard work so very worthwhile. Written in a child’s hand they simply said, “please can I have a book of dreams.’ I can tell you I was absolutely choked and truth be owned a couple of tears were quickly blinked away.

Whilst writing The Colour Red I often thought how wonderful it would be to have just such a book and to know I am not alone is a truly humbling experience.

If by chance you feel inclined to reach for the magic inside always remember that we are all the stuff of our childhood dreams.

May age never dull your imagination.

Till Next Time, Stephan.

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