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May you always have the best of dreams........

Ted's on his way and we really are getting quite excited! Over th elast month  Beat copies have gone out to fans and followers of the series and we've been waiting with baited breathe for your reaction. We wondered if you were ready for a book which focused on Ted and how you would feel about Loss playing second fiddle but it seems we were worrying unnecessarily. Over a hundred books went out in total and amazingly every Beta reader came back to us. I'm always aying we could write and illustrate the books without your support and it is never taken for granted. Thank you.


As you know there's always going to be a last minute hitch, usually when Nick or I have a last minute confidence crisis and this time it was the cover that had us on tenterhooks. We had two we really liked  but given the change of tempo inside  we could decide so we asked our followers on Twitter and Facebook. Over five hundred  people responded and  as luck would have it the vote and comments were amost fifty fifty.  Ted and Loss were no help at all but there were some great comments and suggestions we took onboard and in the end a few minor changes made a big difference.  Ted took the honours with a bigger image and I hope you agree it's rather eye catching along with the back cover which gives you another glimpse of Ted's many personnas!


We've  never  been the quickest to  bring out  new books but  A Bear Called Ted

makes  four in The Book Of Dreams series and with The Colour Silver underway

the series is really beginning to gather momentum. There's also Ted's cookbook,

Recipes For Dreamers & Children With Bears still  to come in  2015 and the first

long fiction novel featuring Loss & Ted awaiting a release date. In the meantime,

have a browse through th esite, catch up with us on Facebook and Twitter and of

course you can al..............

Loss & Ted have always been as much about the illustrations as they are the  words

The Secret Is Out!

Completing a book is one of th ebest feelings in the world, especially when you've been keeping a secret for the best part of two years!

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"Stephan said not to peek, he's not finished it yet, but I promised to bake him a Chocka Chippa cookie cake if he finishes it by September 1st!"


"Oh Ted, I can't wait, but what about the free copy of The Colour Red  for our friends?"


"That's okay. All they have to do is click on the cover image below and Stephan's promised to get one in the post the same day."

Loss & The Colour Red 20